Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Formal Hall

Yesterday was special because we had our first Formal Hall at King's College. We got all fancied-up and had drinks--on the lawn! You're not allowed to walk on the grass at King's (and most of the University of Cambridge) unless you are a Fellow or you've been invited to walk on the grass with a Fellow. Except for Formal Halls. It was quite satisfying walking on the grass. They took a picture of all 285 of us (that's the number I heard) in front of the King's College Chapel. And they had orange juice to drink for the BYU students. :)

Here are some fun pictures of Formal Hall:

Lining up for the picture

Most of the BYU group

The dinner was really nice and really delicious. There was onion and thyme soup, chicken, and an amazing chocolate mousse cake for dessert. It was just a really long meal (we entered the Great Hall around 7:45 and didn't get out until 10:00), and really loud. It was hard to hear the people around me, which was a shame. But it was a really neat dinner; I enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed talking with my friends afterwards (when I could hear them). :)

Our Table

The Great Hall

Delicious dessert (yes, I took a picture).

So much to do here! Classes, exploring, making new friends . . . it's all very exciting for me. But I need to figure out a schedule soon. Fun times are coming up, though. We're going on a trip to Scotland on Friday!


  1. I never followed a blog before. If all blogs are as good as this one, then I sure have been missing out!

    Love, Daddy

  2. The hall looks almost like Hogwarts. Hope you are having a wonderful time.

  3. Just finished reading all your posts. You need to correlate with Erik and Tiffani and have them meet you in Houston. That should help use up part of your six-hour layover.