Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cambridge! Is amazing. :) Part 2 (aka Food, Glorious Food!)

June 27th.

Today we had another orientation at the Cambridge Union Society. We are really priveleged to be able to meet in this building, because according to the Cambridge YSA reps, not many people every get to be a part of it. It was neat being in the lecture hall and thinking about how many important, famous people spoke in that room. Apparently 2 US presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, have spoken at the Cambridge Union Society. (On a tangential note, it's cool being in my room, as well, and to wonder who had the room I'm staying in . . . and if they were/are famous.)

After the orientation, I went to The Old Sweet Shoppe with some BYU girls. We call it the "Willa Wonka Store," though. It is in-cred-i-ble. Love it! Such a cute, cute shop. And they were even playing "The Candyman Can" song while we were in there. (I wonder if they heard us mention that it reminded us of Willa Wonka.)

Candy . . .

We signed up for a Library Induction time, and then on the way back from the Cambridge Union Society (CUS), we saw the most delightful sight on King's Square: Free cake samples. Oh yes. And not just any free cake samples--huge, delicious, creamy, fattening cake samples. The little girl in me just squealed a little inside.

Tee-hee. Do you see how happy I am? I'm eating cake in front of King's. Who wouldn't be happy?
Quintessential British Telephone Booth Shot

The Library Induction/Tour was good. It's a bit more confusing to me than the HBLL, but I suppose that's because I'm familiar with Harold. It is a beautiful library, though. (Again, it reminds me of Harry Potter. You're all going to get sick of that phrase, but it's the truth.)

Around 3 o' clock, I had my first Cambridge class! It's the Romanticism class, and it looks very interesting. I felt that I would be able to handle that class. It seems challenging, which is good, but also manageable. I think I will enjoy it. The professor, Dr. Rowan Boyson, is a young, VERY smart woman from northern England. She definitely knows her stuff, and I'm very excited to learn from her during the next four weeks.

We had FHE around 8 o' clock in the Cambridge Union Society. Almost all of the BYU students were there, and it was fun to socialize with them. I got to lead the opening hymn, which was "The Spirit of God." When everyone started singing, the Spirit touched me strongly, and I was struck by the strength of the people in the room and the beautiful message of the gospel.

Dr. Kerry's lesson was really good, too. He talked about how we are entering sacred ground when we endeavor to learn and aquire knowledge, and to basically reach out to others at Cambridge and essentially "seek after every good thing." I certainly plan to. I want to make the best of my experience here.

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