Friday, June 16, 2017

"But I don't tan"

^the title is to be sung to the classic tune of "I Don't Dance" from the oh-so-illustrious High School Musical 2. 

But I really don't tan. Here is proof:

 I just don't. This is after 4 days in Madrid and I am still white, white, white.

Speaking of other things that are white in Madrid, the LDS Temple is one. It was fun to see it today. I felt a lot of peace walking on the temple grounds. (I couldn't go inside because it's closed for cleaning, but that's okay--hopefully another time.)

Tonight's my last night in Madrid, and tomorrow I'm off to my second home in England. I'm so glad I came to Spain. It's been a good holiday and I've been fortunate enough to share it with some friends--both old and new. 

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