Sunday, April 16, 2017

That D.C. Life [take 2]

Dating someone in D.C. means that I get to visit him in D.C. Which is great on several levels, one of which is that I get to spend time in a city I am learning to love more.

[National Mall.]

Also, I lucked out and got to see the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin! You can't ever plan for them because they come at different times each spring, but I lucked out. Hurray! 

[I found this copse of trees not too far away from the Washington Monument. It was breezy and all of the petals were swirling in the wind and dancing around me and it was incredibly magical.]

[MLK monument.]

Another highlight of the trip was definitely the Kusama Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Hirshhorn. It was so cool. Like. So cool. 

[All the lights. All the colors. Forever and ever. Tbh, this one kind of felt like a Vegas casino. I could only take so much. But still. Cool.]

[My favorite. Aftermath of the Obliteration of Eternity.]


[No, but really. All of them. Including on a piano that actually plays.]

[Not quite sure what to do in this wonderland . . .]

[. . . but eventually coming to terms with it]

[Yayyyyy. And s/o to Sam for getting these tickets in the first place. Best date ever.]

Another fun thing about D.C. is that so many people go there--for travel, business, conferences, etc., that you never know who you might run into. So it was really fun to run into my friend Tim from Oxford and show him the sites while listening to LDS General Conference. 

[In front of the National Cathedral. Tim thought it was so cool that a cathedral like this existed outside of Europe.]

All in all, such a good trip with good people, good food, and good activities. It was the perfect way to end my mad sprint across the United States. 

[Also. All of these pictures are making me want to go back right now. Still waiting for a teleportation device to be invented. You'd think that we'd have one by now.] 

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