Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cross-country college tour highlights

Oh haiiiii. I disappeared from my blog for awhile. Happens. Especially when real life gets in the way of this online diary. But whatevs. But when I get back on after a hiatus, it means that there is a lot to catch up on and that there will probably be a deluge of blog posts. #sorrynotsorry

Last month, I traveled to a lot of different schools to make a decision about grad school (and, as part of that blog post deluge, I do plan to write a "real talk" post about making the decision--I think we assume that decisions like where to go to grad school are obvious, but that's not always the case. Anyway. I will get on that soapbox a different day. Most likely.).

It was fun (but exhausting) to go around the country and visit different schools. The best part was seeing people across the country whom I love.

[Spring in Kansas. This whirlwind tour meant a whirlwind of different climates/weather--it was spring-like in Kansas and Missouri, winter in Boston, super rainy in Princeton, and then spring-like in D.C.]

[First day of spring, first sign of spring at Mizzou.]

[Jesse Hall]

[And again. With the columns which have been compared to the Death Star by KU fans.]

[Boston Public Library.]

[Stained glass at Boston University. 

[The Esplinade.]

[Best part of BU? Having Greer take me around and talking with her. This woman, though.]

[Nassau Hall, Princeton]

[Finally a sunny day after three days of pouring rain]

[I love it when stained glass shines like this on stone walls]

[My cousins have some pretty cute kids. And it's nice having family around the country.]

[Last but not least, Washington, D.C. And I'll post more pictures from this trip on a separate post because there were so many. Read: cherry blossoms.]

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