Sunday, October 30, 2016

This is Halloween

Since I'll be on a transatlantic flight tomorrow evening (hurray!), I figured I should at least post the pictures from the Halloween party I went to Friday night. Because if you don't post your Halloween pictures, did you even dress up? 

Probably not. 

[Yes, my friends. I went as Rosie the Riveter. Is anyone really surprised?]

[I almost went as Moaning Myrtle. But then I realized I had left my Oxford robes at home. Oh well. Maybe next year. Who are we kidding? When you've got a chance to dress up as rockin' feminists, you dress up as rockin' feminists. Maybe I'll go as Joan of Arc again, like when I was 8.] 

[Met another Rosie at the party. Go us.] 

Also, I am a dork. Because I realized that my Rosie costume doubled as another propaganda piece. 

But a Russian one. 


["Ne boltai!" Which means, "Don't chatter," but looks more like, Keep your mouth shut!]

[Loose lips sink ships. Or something like that.] 

Anyway. Happy Halloween, folks. 

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