Thursday, September 15, 2016

in rooms unfamiliar

what i've been listening to lately:

iron and wine.
sara barellies.
jump little children.

if my life were a sitcom
then one of the recurring motifs
would be my issues
with opening the parking garage gate.
i have never ONCE done it gracefully.
not once.

so that would be the motif.
but a full episode would be the day
that megan locked her keys in the car.
did that happen?
did that happen today?
ummm, maybe?
i'm really winning at this whole adulting game.


i have all these things that i thought i would say
it was going to be clever or eloquent or something.
but the words aren't coming.
but i guess i'll say this.
mount olympus is strikingly beautiful.
it is just simply stunning.
it takes me aback every time i see it.
for as unexpected as these two weeks have been
and as much as my life
looks more and more like a mormon sitcom
there are those granite giants
that ground me
and elevate me
and remind me
that God is good
and the desert, hills, vales, and mountains still sing
carry on.

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