Thursday, September 8, 2016

Aaron Burr, sir.

On the train from Tallinn to St. Petersburg, I checked my Facebook feed and saw that my friend Rebekah was doing an all-call for anyone interested in going to the Leslie Odom, Jr. concert at BYU. (For those who don't know who Leslie Odom, Jr. is, he plays Aaron Burr in the Broadway smash-hit Hamilton. If you don't know what Hamilton is, or if you haven't listened to it yet, you really should. It is

As soon as I saw that she wanted to get a group together, I was already on board. Unfortunately, like I said, I was also on board an old Soviet train to St. Petersburg. So doing money transactions on that train? Mmm, not likely. I sent her a message, asking if it wasn't too late, if she could get a ticket for me. 

It wasn't too late, and she graciously did. 

So, last Saturday, Rebekah, Jessica, and I went to the de Jong Concert Hall to listen to the original, inimitable Leslie Odom, Jr. 

And he was PHENOMENAL. 

[Waiting for it.]

[That was the queue to meet him. I'm pretty sure it was three hours long. Didn't have time for it, unfortunately.]

[The man himself.] 

Montage of me trying to fangirl. I obviously need more practice. 

[Talk less, smile more.]

[Singing along with him.]

[Soooo cloooooose] 

[My favorite shot of the night. Rebekah is smitten, Jessica is perturbed, and I am crazy.]

In other news, I had a lunch date with the divine Miss Em in itty bitty Salt Lake City today. Those need to happen more often. She brings the sunshine with her. ALSO OUR FAVORITE UKRAINIAN CHOCOLATES ARE AT CITY CREEK. So, that calls for major celebrations. 

[I can't take selfies. What kind of Millenial am I? ahhhhhh.]

Thanks, Em, for being a most-important character in the Mormon sitcom that is my life. (But really. This week has been sitcom material. Ten times over. The cherry on top was getting my parking lever stuck after the parking garage gate had been opened for me. So, you know, there was a line of at least 5 cars backed up behind me. Erp. Sorry guys. I'm a dork.) 

But, I'm liking my new glasses. 

Looking for a mind at work. 

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  1. seriously love your new glasses. almost as much as i love you.🤓😍