Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Big things and little things.

Big things first: 

I finished and turned in my dissertation!
[Right after I turned it in. Huzzah!]

Ha. I turned it in last week, but my brain has now been dead to the world. I mean, I'm revising (Oxford speech for studying) for exams now, but how's that going for me? Well, it depends. It's hard to concentrate when it's been so beautiful outside. And I've learned not to take a sunny English day for granted. So that means excursions to ruined abbeys and lunches in University Parks. 

[Godstow Abbey. I'll do another post about this because there were just so many pretty pictures from that day.]

Sunshine is good for the soul. You know what else is good for the soul? Wearing shorts. I wore shorts for the first time in months (like, since August or September, probably) on Monday. And it was glorious. Although my legs are sooooo white. I think I blinded a few bikers. Sorry, guys. 


Some other random things. I found this sign the other day. I know it was for an event, but it just made me laugh: 

["Common people that way." Ohhh, Elitist Oxford.]

Also, shout out to my college mum who dropped off American Girl books in my pigeonhole so I don't get "brain fever" from thinking too hard during my revisions. She noticed that there was a shocking lack of books on the subject of early nineteenth-century Scandinavian immigrants and the daily lives of prepubescent American girls. I'm looking forward to reading them. :) 

We are all nerds at Oxford and it is the best. 

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