Saturday, December 6, 2014

The middle of the novel

Just a laundry list of thoughts and feelings. I don't have a lot to say. I just need to write.

-Shakes from JCW's are preeettttty good. Just one of those facts of life.

-Spell check wants me to change "JCW's" to "Jaw's." Not gonna happen, spell check.

-It's really warm for December. 50 degrees? Crazy.

-Sara Barellies knows my life. It's a little scary.

-If you're looking to buy me a Christmas gift, I need a new notebook. Mine's almost full and I'll certainly need a new one by New Year's. Just fyi. Because I know you were wondering.

-Someday, there will be room to breathe again. Just not during finals week. But someday. I hope so, anyway.

-Russian literature is good for the soul.

-I mean, just look at this beautiful line:

It's Dostoevsky. From the Brothers Karamazov. Beautiful. Someday, I'll need to write more about this concept. About the rise and fall of breaking, healing, and coming home. It's a process. A process of life.

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  1. and come back again.

    little did you know how perfect.