Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Grease Meets Star Trek

I love stupid YouTube videos. I'm sure I've mentioned it on this blog before. Because I love them. It's probably unhealthy.

I was reminded of this classic not too long ago. Warning: if you watch it, you will waste 3.5 minutes of your life that you will never get back. And get a terribly banal and repetitive song stuck in your head. I mean, you're watching this and going, what is this? Because it makes no sense but you can't stop watching it. You just can't.

I mean, who would want to stop watching some Swedish or Finnish pop group in some kind of 70s Star Trek Meets Grease the Musical with dance moves from 80s aerobic workout videos and pageboy haircuts with some dude, wearing a gold chain that looks like the Deathly Hallows sign, looking straight into the camera singing about how he wants to hold you tender? I mean, it doesn't get any more twilight-zoney than this.

I am so having this be the first dance at my wedding.

Favorite part: Okay, even if you're not going to watch the entire thing, back me up on this. At 1:52, is that guy in the back rocking out to a toaster?! Because I'm pretty sure he's rocking out to a toaster.

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