Thursday, July 17, 2014

But there are dreams that cannot be

You know those books that are so deep that you are lost in them for hours or even days after you finish them?

I just finished reading George Eliot's Middlemarch. It started slow, but it is a beautifully interwoven story of resignation, realism, and redemption. The last 200 pages are wonderful and I've been lost in those pages and thinking about it over and over again. I have just been sighing over this book for the past day or two, just soaking in the beauty of it and in the glory of that last scene where the two star-crossed lovers finally come together at last.


So, I'll just say what I need to here.

I won't share too much detail, because I don't want to say too much if you ever decide to read the book. So I won't say names. But basically, two characters have almost no chance of getting together (and, really, I thought that they never would get together, even at the end . . . it was a possibility that they would both end up alone and without each other), but he just can't ever leave her and keeps coming back, even though he knows that it is impossible.

And they finally come together in one of the most delightfully realistic and beautiful love scenes I have ever read.

"While he was speaking there came a vivid flash of lightning which lit each of them up for the other—and the light seemed to be the terror of a hopeless love. [She] darted instantaneously from the window; [he] followed her, seizing her hand with a spasmodic movement; and so they stood, with their hands clasped, like two children, looking out on the storm, while the thunder gave a tremendous crack and roll above them, and the rain began to pour down. Then they turned their faces towards each other, with the memory of his last words in them, and they did not loose each other’s hands.” 

Bahhhhhhhh! It's so beautiful I could die!!!!! [that is supposed to be read in the "It's so fluffy I'm gunna die!" voice]

But with all of the tension leading up to the book, and then to have this moment of realization and of commitment in library during a thunderstorm. Ah. It just took my breath away.

The beauty of a hand hold. That trust. It says so much.

And I think it is lovely.

Anyway. Nerd rant over for now.

Even though there are more thoughts that are in embryo. Of impossible love. And hopeless dreams. And yet, and yet . . .

no conclusion for today. Instead, I will just bask in the afterglow of this beautiful love story. And keep on dreaming while living.


  1. I just read this last year! It is a beautiful story and I know it's SO frustrating to not be able to talk with anyone so any thoughts you want to spat out are welcome my way :) Also if you liked this one you should read Anna Kerenna by Tolstoy. It is fabulous.

  2. Time out: I have read, and love, Middlemarch. It was ages ago--ok, the summer we were here at PKP--but I did love it. ahhh...and yes, the storm/hand holding scene was one of my favorites. I believe I giggled while reading it and slapped Derek on the leg--in a very---oh my gosh kind of way.

  3. I'm so glad you two have read it! I just might have to send some thoughts your way. :) And Natalie, I love Anna Karenina! I just read it for my Russian literature class. Sooo good.