Thursday, December 1, 2011

NYC and Princeton

. . . I'm finally getting around to posting it.

But I went to the "Sexuality, Integrity and the University" conference in Princeton a few weeks (almost a month)  ago. It was a great conference about the importance sexual purity, marriage, the family, and the benefits that come from those commitments. The conference was put on by the Love and Fidelity Society (for more information go here). It was really neat to go to that conference and realize that there are people around the country and the world who share my same standards and values and who want to do what's right . . . and they come from all walks of life and all different faiths.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

-Going to NYC for my first time! Pretty exciting stuff.

 Sunrise at JFK

 Those buildings are talllllllll. 

 NYC skyline + windswept hair. 

 Lady Liberty 

 On the ferry.

 Jenna and me on the ferry. 

 On top of the Empire State Building! 

 Grand Central Station. Beautiful. 

 Times Square! 

-Getting to visit Princeton's campus for my first time. 

 Firestone Library 

 The Chapel

 Nassau Hall--it's been there since the Revolutionary War!

 Feelin' preppy

 Nassau Hall 

 Gorgeous red ivy. 

- Getting to make a lot of new, wonderful friends from all over the country and the world (you know who you are). 

-Staying up until 4:30 in the morning with friends, discussing everything from missions, the Atonement, women in the Church, great talks and favorite scriptures . . . it was soul-satisfying.

-Meeting the nicest hotel lady. We weren't able to get any food (because there were no vending machines in the hotel and when we went out into the night to try and find an open convenience store, we were out of luck), so she made us pizza for free. Honestly, one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. 

-Seeing a brilliant shooting star at 2 o' clock in the morning in the middle of light-polluted Princeton, New Jersey. 

Anyway, there are just a few things that I loved. 

. . . the more I live, the more I realize how important relationships are, and how my life is defined by them.  

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