Friday, July 30, 2010

Food, Glorious Food

I know that I already have a post about food (kind of). But this post will be ALL about the food I eat here, because my Aunt Stephanie asked about it. And I think it's worthy of a blog post.

I usually eat in the King's College Cafeteria. There's been some discussion about the food here. And we've decided that the food that we eat on a regular basis in the cafeteria is different from American food in three main ways:

1. The meat is fattier . . . and usually overcooked.

2. The food is greasier.

3. The food is blander. They just don't use very much seasoning.

That doesn't mean that the food here is bad. However, the Brits really aren't the greatest chefs. I'm not usually impressed with the lunch and dinner selection at King's. And I'll be glad to eat some homecooked American food when I get home.
Don't get me wrong, I have had incredible things to eat whilst here. But those things are usually not in the King's College Cafeteria.

English Foods that I Love to Eat:

- Yogurt (spelled yoghurt here): I love British yogurt. It's not as sweet as American yogurt, but it's creamier and I just like it more than American yogurt. I've also discovered that I like rice pudding. Yum.

- Chocolate: Galaxy, Cadbury, Thornton's . . . mmm. A lot better than American chocolate. It's creamier and richer. Hershey's doesn't even compare. Dove is probably the closest thing to European chocolate in the states.

- Pizza: We went to Pizza Express one night and got individual pizzas. They were about the size of a medium pizza in the States (about 10 pieces), and I ate almost all of it in one sitting. But I didn't feel sick or even too full afterwards. The pizza here is not nearly as thick, greasy, or as cheesy as in the States.

- Sainsbury's Yogurt and Raspberry Crisp Cereal: Heaven in a box. It's incredibly delicious and addicting.

Very "British" foods that I've eaten:
-Meat Pies: Remember when I went to Oxford and we went to that "Pieminister's" place? Those were really good. They had this mashed pea stuff on top of the pie. I was skeptical of it at first, but it actually ended up tasting pretty good. Not as good as the pie, but pretty good!

Silly picture of me eating the meat pie

- Fish-n-Chips: I just posted about eating fish-n-chips earlier this week. They were yummy. But make sure to ask the locals about which fish-n-chips shop is good, as not all fish-n-chips shops are created equal.

Another silly picture of me. But I'm eating fish-n-chips this time.
One more thing: Some budding entrepreneur should open a Sno-Cone shack in Cambridge. I have a feeling it would do well. Just sayin'.

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