Sunday, July 17, 2016

In which I go to a ball

. . . because every girl deserves to go to a ball at least once in her life.

Once upon a time, I decided that I wanted to go to an Oxford ball. Each spring, many of the colleges in Oxford have balls. They are basically just big parties with a lot of alcohol, free food, dancing, and people dressed up in tuxes and fancy dresses. The first one does not interest me (for obvious reasons), but the other ones . . . well, I like free food, dancing, and dressing up in pretty dresses, so I wanted to go. But I didn't want to go alone (because that's kinda lame and boring), so somehow I convinced some of my friends to go with me.

We went to Wolfson College's 50th Anniversary Ball, since 1) it was one of the cheaper balls, and 2) Joe and Emily live at Wolfson College and the party was literally right outside their door.

And I certainly had a fun time.

We all dressed up--

[I am in love with this dress.] 

. . . we had good food . . . 

. . . and there were so many different activities . . . it was basically a giant party.  

[Guys! There was a carousel! I love carousels.]

[There were also tea cups. I got super dizzy.]

["Raise your hands, Maurice! It's more fun if you raise your hands!" (Also, if you look closely in this picture, you can see a Vladimir Putin look-alike in the background.)]

Those are all the pictures I have from the evening, but there were also free arcade games (got the highest score on Pac-Man, baby), fireworks over the river, a big band, a silent disco (which I discovered that I love), oh, and I finally won something from one of those "claw" games. 

So, all in all, a success. Glad I have friends who think my crazy ideas are at least good-crazy. :) 

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