Friday, May 8, 2015

"Your hair is still short."

I decided that when I graduated, I was going to chop my hair off.

So I did.

Here is my hair the day of graduation:

And here is my hair a few days after graduation:

Cuz sometimes you need a change, you know? 

Still, it's super weird. I haven't cut my hair since right before my mission (when I cut it to my ears--so super, super short). So having this change is, well, a change . . . especially since I cut off around ten inches. 

My favorite reaction was my four-year-old cousin. She saw me the day I cut my hair and said, "Megan--your hair is short." 

"Yes, it is short. And it will be short for a few months." 

The next day: "Megan, your hair is still short." 

She says that to me on a daily basis. And it's really cute. 

And a reminder that, yes, my hair is still short. 

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