Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Overheard at BYU, the Returned Missionary Edition

Just a couple of things I've noticed this Winter Semester at BYU:

--There are returned sister missionaries EVERYWHERE. The wave has returned, and they have all returned to Provo.

Not that this is a bad thing. I mean, I think it's great that there are more sisters serving missions. But it adds a different demographic to campus. And it means that there are conversations like this around campus on an hourly basis:

"Sister Clark! Wait, what's your first name?"
"Aubrey! What's yours?"  (I kid you not, I heard conversations like this about fifteen times yesterday.)

Students going up to devotional: "Where did you serve?"
"Atlanta. What about you?"
"Chile. This is my companion."

I have heard more conversations like this than ever before. And they're all coming from girls. Most of whom are younger than me when I left for a mission. Crazy.

Did I mention that I'm really glad that I never have to be a recently returned missionary ever again? Because I am. I'm really glad about. To everything there is a season, I know, but I'm at at a different season now, and I'm a-ok with that.

-Also, just FYI, NEVER go to the student gym until AFTER everyone has broken their New Year's Resolutions. Just don't do it.


  1. seriously. As part of the last of the generation of predominently NOT returned sister missionaries (does that even make sense?) it seems like I get asked more and more where I served my mission...."ummm, I haven't gone yet!" I say. Then they look at Henry and give me a puzzled look--I actually really enjoy that reaction. :D

  2. Jen, I love that you say that. :)