Sunday, September 14, 2014

BYU Inauguration

Soooo, I meant to post this on Tuesday right after it happened, but life got in the way.

But basically, the inauguration of President Kevin J Worthen, the 13th president of BYU, was on Tuesday.

This was when the Marriott Center was filling with students. I thought I was going to be alone, because I came straight from class (and it was one of those days when I was being antisocial and was cool with sitting alone . . . because it's really not such a big deal as some people make it out to be--you can sit alone and be just fine), but then I ran into Mel! Out of 30,000 students, I got to sit by one of my most favorite people in the world. So I think that is pretty awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I really enjoyed the inauguration. It reminded me of graduation, with the professors and deans all in their robes and inspirational talks and medallions and great orchestra pieces, etc. But honestly, I am impressed with President Worthen. He seems like a down-to-earth, humble, brilliant man. And I think he is exactly who the university needs right now.

We go to the mountains.

Mountains to climb. Give me this mountain.

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