Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

On Easter in most of Eastern Europe, people greet each other with a special saying. Instead of simply saying, "Hello," or not saying anything to each other at all (which is more common), people say, "Христос воскрес!" 

Christos Voskres. Christ is risen. 

And in response, people will say, "Во истинну воскрес!" Vo istininy, voskres! In truth, he is risen! 

It is a beautiful tradition. Everyone participates, and it was the one day where people would actually smile at me when I talked to them. Easter was a day of hope, joy, and peace. As it should be. 

A few of my favorite things: 

Ukrainian Easter eggs. 
 Coolest thing ever. 

Ukraine in springtime. Lilacs. And Cectpa Ahlstrom.

I am so grateful for Easter. I am grateful for the Resurrection and for Christ's atoning sacrifice for us. 

Because of Him, we have hope. 
Because of Him, we will all live, because everything Jesus touches, lives. 
Because of Him, we know how to live. 
Because of Him, we can be healed, in both body and spirit. 
Because of Him, there are no endings, only eternal beginnings. 

God be thanked for the divine gift of His Son. 

Also. This video is beautiful. 

He is risen! In truth, He is risen. 

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