Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Side Notes

When I'm bored in class, I doodle in the notebook margins.

I usually draw flowers, or odd cube-shaped things, and I'll write down song lyrics, Russian phrases, or I'll write my own commentary on the class.

Actually, what I usually end up writing is "I am tired" in every language I know.


Another thing I write in the margins are funny or quirky things my professors say.

The winner this year is definitely my U.S. History professor--his stories and outlooks on life are hilarious. I've decided to share the love and include a few of the "Best of" from this semester:

(Talking about students who organize papers well): "It leaves the professor saying, 'This person not only deserves an A, but a hug.'"

"I'm an academic. I edit as I talk."

(Talking about how difficult is is to find offices in the Religion Department at BYU):
"It actually tests how faithful you are. You can't find what you're looking for without inspiration."

"Mountain Dew without caffeine? That's like buying a house without walls--it defeats the purpose."

"It's my invention called Cran-Dew. But I can't tell you what's in it for two reasons. One, it's highly addictive and you'll never be able to go back, and two, it's my plan to product my idea and become a millionaire and if I tell you, you'll steal my idea."

(Talking about how well-received Woodrow Wilson was in France after WWI and watching the footage):
"I mean, Wilson already liked to think that he was God's chosen . . ."

"As soon as we get tenure, we [my history professor and another history professor who played in a band] are totally going to have a 'History of Rock 'n Roll' class."

(Talking about the Baby Boom): "So you are the 'boomlets.' The children of the Baby Boomers."

"I try my best to hide it, but at my core, I'm a self-defined nerd. I get fired-up over things that make other people's eyes glaze over."

Yep, there's a reason this is one of my favorite classes.


  1. Hilarious! Who was the professor? I used to do the same thing. Professor Larson (Larsen?) was the best for the non sequitur comments for me to jot down.

  2. Beth, the professor is Dr. Madsen. He's pretty new . . . I think he joined the history staff about 2 years ago. But he's a keeper. Also, the class cajoled him into bringing Cran-Dew for the last day of classes. Ba-ha.