Monday, August 15, 2011

Kansas Trip

Things I learned on my trip to Kansas:

1) I have super-cool family and friends who can bust a move. And create dance routines to Glee's "Singin' in the Rain/Umbrella". And look awesome with high ponytails.

These pictures just shout: "We are cool!" 

2) Barnyard Rummy is merciless.

3) Adam-ondi-Ahman is beautiful. Especially in the morning, and especially when you get to read your scriptures, looking out at the valley. There's such a special feeling there.

 Can't you just imagine thousands upon thousands of folding chairs filling the valley? Yeah, me too. 

4) There is a special rock down the Tower Hill trail. It's called Preacher's Rock. And Joseph Smith gave sermons standing on top of it! 

On Preacher's Rock

5) The Kansas City Missouri Temple is coming along! And it's going to be beautiful. 

 The temple grounds 

Yay! My family is soooo excited for this temple. The people in the Kansas City area have waited for their own temple for a long, long time. Hehe, the Kansas City temple was announced the same day as the Rome, Italy temple. And even though a temple in Rome is incredible, my family was much, much more excited for the Kansas City temple . . . we cried and shouted for joy when it was announced. Kansas is where we've grown up, in one way or another. Our hearts are connected to this temple. 

6) I can fit into my Grandma's wedding dress from the 1960s! And it's such a beautiful, classic dress. 

 The lighting's not the best, but it's still a beautiful dress! 

 Now with the veil. 

7) I still love Kansas and my Grandma and Grandpa's house. It's one of my favorite places, and always will be. There's just so much love there, it's tangible. 

Oh! Big shout out to my best friend, Sharisa, who traveled with us. And put up with us. We're glad you came along! :) 


  1. Megan... you are absolutely STUNNING. Especially in that wedding dress! So glad you had a great trip! :)

  2. Beautiful and fun!! And when did your hair get so long!!!

  3. I really like this post. It was funny, had beautiful pictures, and seemed very YOU.

    And wow, that's so neat that you fit in your grandma's wedding dress! Like, REALLY neat!

  4. Thank you all! And haha, Camille, my hair IS really long, isn't it? . . . those things just sneak up on you!

  5. Yes!! *smile* Such a fun week. I think we should do a flash mob on campus sometime with our amazing dance. Everybody would be completely stunned. Hands down. ;) You're awesome, Megan!