Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Last Fifteen Minutes

. . . before I left for the library epitomized the wonderful spontaneity that is my apartment this year.

TRISH*: Do you think that we could talk to each other through the vents?
BLYTHE: Let's try it. I'll be inside the bathroom and you try to hear my voice in the living room.

(Various NOISES** ensue as they try to hear each other.)

CLARA: I had a weird dream last night. I think I had a baby.
CHRISTINE: Oh really? Who was the father?
CLARA: I don't remember. I think  . . . (screams as BLYTHE hits her from behind with a SNOWBALL)

(Laughter. BLYTHE, CLARA, and CHRISTINE start hitting each other with SNOWBALLS with SNOW that BLYTHE brought in from OUTSIDE.)

TRISH: Hit my computer and you will die.

(SNOWBALL FIGHT in the KITCHEN. SNOW flies around the KITCHEN until it's all melted.)

BLYTHE (to TRISH): You know that was fun.

General chit-chat as I prepare to go to the library. As I leave the apartment one of my roommates says, as she's laying on the living room floor in front of her computer:

"Sometimes I feel like a beached whale . . ."

That, my friends, is the spontaneity of our apartment. But part of the wonder of it all is, that it doesn't feel spontaneous. It feels normal, like home. My apartment has literally been a home away from home this semester. And I love it.

You have no idea how wonderful this semester has been with all of my roommates. They are all such fun, sweet, independent, wonderful women and I've enjoyed sharing an apartment with them, having deep discussions late into the night, baking cookies, singing songs, and laughing. I am truly blessed to have lived, grown, and learned along with them this semester.

There are more posts to come about the fun times with roommates this semester . . . I just have to get through finals. Two more to go!

*Names have been changed . . . :)
** I don't know what I decided to capitalize and block all of the nouns. You'd think I was studying for my German final or something.

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  1. I must have been gone during this delightful exchange, but this was a great commentary - I could see it all playing out before me in my head!