Friday, August 20, 2010

Not Quite the End

With my plane ride home about 11 hours away, can I just say that I absolutely loved my experience here?

Wow. What a journey.

I'll be doing a lot of reflecting on the plane . . . and probably a lot of sleeping. And I'll try to think of my favorite parts of this trip, or the funniest, etc. And if you see me around, ask me about this adventure. I'll have lots of stories to tell--many more stories than I posted here.

In fact, I still need to post a few more pictures and blog about a few more things. Think of it as the third Lord of the Rings where there are, like, 3 different possible endings (and the movie goes on and on and on and on [kind of like an 80s pop song that was recently redone by a television show about high school singing clubs, but now I'm just going off on tangents]). Don't get me wrong, I love the third Lord of the Rings. Anyway, I'm stopping now.

So I will post a bit more. About Bath, about Stourhead, about last night's formal and finishing my finals . . . and completing a summer term at CAMBRIDGE! It still blows my mind.

But there's no time to do it here.

I'm feeling nostalgic. It's weird to me that Cambridge has become normal, I guess. I'll miss looking out onto Bodley's Court and the River Cam while doing my homework. I'll miss seeing King's College Chapel every morning as I go to breakfast. I'll miss eating dinner with the BYU students.

But I'm excited to go home. Home-home. And I'm excited to see what next adventures will await me as I return to BYU this fall.

Life is pretty awesome, isn't it?


  1. What a cool, once in a lifetime experience!! I am sure you will treasure it forever! I hope I can see you sometime at BYU and make you tell me all about it! :)

  2. It all sounds absolutely wonderful. I'm looking into doing the trip myself, now that I know how much fun you had! And I'm so excited to see you next week!!